2021.03.24 - Regular Meeting Agenda

Clarinda Community School District
Regular Meeting
Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 4:00 PM
McKinley Central Office and Zoom (Link found on district website under Menu – District Office – Zoom Link)


1. Call to Order
The President will call the meeting to order using the gavel if necessary.  The President will request those with communication devices to either turn them off or place them on silent mode.  This may be a good time to introduce any special guests.
1. A binder labeled Public Copy of Board Materials and containing board meeting materials is available for public review at the table at the side of the room.
2. A sign-in sheet is located at the table at the side of the room. All guests are asked to sign it to show attendance.
3. Meeting agendas are available for the public at the table at the side of the room.
4. Meeting agendas, materials, and minutes are also available on the district web page.

2. Pledge of Allegiance
The President will ask the members and audience to face the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Roll Call
The President will ask for roll call.

4. Audience to Visitors
The President will ask the audience if they have any comments on the items on the agenda. This gives the public the opportunity to comment on agenda items prior to Board decisions/actions. Each community member wanting to comment to the board will be granted two minutes to speak. Please be prepared to give your name and address. The Board will listen to public comment and in accordance with district policy 213 and direct questions to the superintendent or the appropriate staff.

5. Approval of Agenda
If members have items to be added to the agenda, now is the time. If you have items that you want removed from the agenda, or removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion, make the request at this time. The President will call for a motion and second to approve the agenda.

6. Open Hearing on the Proposed 2021-2022 Budget
Board President states, “At this time we will hold the public hearing on the proposed 2022 fiscal year budget. Is there anyone present who wants to voice any oral objections to the proposed 2022 fiscal year budget?” Following a pause to allow anyone to voice their opinion, the President will turn to the Board Secretary and ask, “Do we have any written objections to the proposed 2022 fiscal year budget?” After the Board Secretary presents any written objections, the President closes the hearing by stating “I now declare the public hearing closed.”

7. Consider Consent Agenda Items
The President will ask for a motion to accept the Consent Agenda as presented or amended. With a motion and a second, the President will call for the vote.
7.1 Approve Minutes of the March 16, 2021 Special Meeting
7.2 Approve Bills
                   Bill Report
7.3 Approve Open Enrollment Requests for 2020-2021 School Year
      In accordance with Iowa Code, administration recommends approving the open enrollment requests. These requests are for the 2020-2021 school year.
      Open Enrollment into the district 2020-2021: 0
      Open Enrollment out of the district 2020-2021: 1 South Page – first grade (Julian MacVenn)
7.4 Approve Recommendation for Resignation
      Please accept the following resignation:
Kaitlin Allen as an elementary teacher, effective end of 2020-2021 school year       

8. Recognition and Reports
The President will call for recognition and reports as identified on the agenda.
8.1 Cardinal Innovation Learning Center
      An update report will be given.
8.2 Activities Report
      Mr. Porter will give his report.
8.3Financial Reports
     Mr. Pedersen will give his report.
8.4 Superintendent
      Mrs. Bergman will give her report.
8.5 Board Correspondence

9. New Business
9.1 Consider Adopting the proposed 2021-2022 Budget
      The budget was prepared by Mr. Pedersen with assistance from Mrs. Maxwell. The public hearing was provided in accordance with Iowa Code. The budget is based on the
information that is available.

      Approve FY22 budget as presented.

9.2 Consider Approving a Student Club Form Application
      A student group is asking to start a club called Genders and Sexualities Alliance. Goals include to promote tolerance and acceptance throughout the school community, and to
      provide a safe and non-judgmental space for students.
     Approve student request to start Genders and Sexualities Alliance club.

9.3 Consider Approving a Ninth Grade Softball Coach Position
     This will be adding back the ninth grade softball coach position starting the summer of 2021. Clarinda softball numbers have grown tremendously over the last three summers.
     We are 
now over 30 young ladies in the softball program for the second year in a row. This summer with an expected 35 girls out for softball, we are creating a full ninth grade
     schedule to 
provide opportunities for those young ladies to compete. Adding a ninth grade coach helps in supporting the development of our players as well. The cost of this
     addition is: $2,655.38.

     Approve adding a ninth grade softball coaching position.

9.4 Consider Approving Two Track Coach Positions
     This year we have seen another increase in numbers in both the high school and middle school track programs. The high school track programs with boys and girls combined are
      roughly 90 participants and the middle school boys and girls have roughly 80 participants. This means we have around 170 students participating in the track program for the
      spring of 
2021. While this is awesome we just don't have enough supervision or help for practices and meets. Since the season has already started we would like to split an
      assistant coach salary 
and hire two individuals one to support High School and one to support the Middle School track programs. The total cost would be: $3,414.06 or $1,707.03
      per coach.

      Approve adding two track coaching positions.

9.5 Consider Approving Green Hills AEA Grant Application for SBI at the High School
      The district is applying for a grant application for the  High School-Based Interventionist to be four days a week for the 2021-2022 school year. There has been much success
      with the 
current work with students and it would be in the best interest of the students to continue this progress.

      Approve Green Hills AEA grant application for School-Based Interventionist at the High School.

9.6 Consider Approving the Second and Final Reading of Policy 502.7, Prohibited Substances and Alcoholic  Beverages – Possessing, Using, Being Under the Influence,
     Selling, and/or Distributing
     This policy addresses possessing, distributing, and selling alcoholic beverages and controlled substances.
              Policy 502.7

     Approve the second and final reading of policy 502.7, Prohibited Substances and Alcoholic Beverages – Possessing, Using, Being Under the Influence, Selling, and/or

9.7 Consider Approving the First Reading of the 300 Series of Policy
      The policy committee have reviewed the 300 series and recommend the approval of edits on some policies and maintaining the rest. The edits are marked in the attached policies.
      300 Role of School District Administration
      301.1 Management
      302.1 Superintendent Qualification, Recruitment, Appointment
      302.2 Superintendent Contract and Contract Nonrenewal
      302.3 Superintendent Salary and Other Compensation
      302.4 Superintendent Duties
      302.5 Superintendent Evaluation
      302.6 Superintendent Professional Development
      302.7 Superintendent Civic Activities
      302.8 Superintendent Consulting/Outside Employment
      303.1 Administrative Positions
      303.2 Administrator Qualification, Recruitment, Appointment
      303.3 Administrator Contract and Contract Renewal
      303.4 Administrator Salary and Other Compensation
      303.5 Administrator Duties
      303.6 Administrator Evaluation
      303.7 Administrator Professional Development
      303.8 Administrator Civic Duties
      303.9 Administrator Consulting/Outside Employment
      303.10 Administrator Early Retirement
      303.10E1 Resignation and Request for Early Retirement
      303.10E2 Release
      303.10E3 Designation of Beneficiary
      303.10E4 Agreement Not to Seek Re-Employment
      304.1 Development and Enforcement of Administrative Regulations
      304.2 Monitoring of Administrative Regulations
      305 Administrator Code of Ethics
      306 Succession of Authority to the Superintendent
      307 Communication Channels
     Approve the first reading of the 300 series of policy.

9.8 Consider going into closed session to discuss the purchase or sale of a particular real estate, but only when premature disclosure could be reasonably expected to increase the price the Board would have to pay for the property or in case of a sale reduce the price the Board could receive for the property per Iowa Code 21.5(1)(j)
      Under Iowa Code, Chapter 21.5, the reason for holding a closed session must be announced and entered in the minutes. A roll call vote must be taken, and the minutes must show
each member voted on closing the session.
     A board member moves that it holds a closed session to discuss the purchase or sale of a particular real estate, but only when premature disclosure could be reasonably expected
increase the price the board would have to pay for the property or in case of a sale reduce the price the board could receive for the property per Iowa Code 21.5(1)(j).

9.9 Consider any necessary action as a result of the closed session

10. Meeting Announcements:
Please note the schedule of meetings.
10.1 Our next regular meeting is on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. in the Boardroom at McKinley and via Zoom.  

11. Adjournment
The President will call for a motion and a second to adjourn the meeting.