2021.01.27 - Regular Meeting Agenda

Clarinda Community School District
Regular Meeting
Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 4:00 PM
McKinley Central Office and Zoom (Link found on district website under Menu – District Office – Zoom Link)


1. Call to Order

The President will call the meeting to order using the gavel if necessary.  The President will request those with communication devices to either turn them off or place them on silent mode.  This may be a good time to introduce any special guests.

1. A binder labeled Public Copy of Board Materials and containing board meeting materials is available for public review at the table at the side of the room.

2. A sign-in sheet is located at the table at the side of the room. All guests are asked to sign it to show attendance.

3. Meeting agendas are available for the public at the table at the side of the room.

4. Meeting agendas, materials, and minutes are also available on the district web page.


2. Pledge of Allegiance

The President will ask the members and audience to face the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.


3. Roll Call

The President will ask for roll call.


4. Audience to Visitors

The President will ask the audience if they have any comments on the items on the agenda. This gives the public the opportunity to comment on agenda items prior to Board decisions/actions. Each community member wanting to comment to the board will be granted two minutes to speak. Please be prepared to give your name and address. The Board will listen to public comment and in accordance with district policy 213 and direct questions to the superintendent or the appropriate staff.


5. Approval of Agenda

If members have items to be added to the agenda, now is the time. If you have items that you want removed from the agenda, or removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion, make the request at this time. The President will call for a motion and second to approve the agenda.


6. Consider Consent Agenda Items

The President will ask for a motion to accept the Consent Agenda as presented or amended. With a motion and a second, the President will call for the vote.

            6.1 Approve Minutes of the January 13, 2021 Regular Meeting


            6.2 Approve Bills

                   Bill Report

            6.3 Approve Open Enrollment Requests for 2021-2022 School Year

                  In accordance with Iowa Code, administration recommends approving the open Enrollment requests. These requests are for the 2021-2022 school year.

Open Enrollment into the district 2021-2022: 2 South Page, first grade (Cheylynn Gilbreath) and fourth grade (Cabria Gilbreath)

Open Enrollment out of the district 2021-2022: 1 CAM, ninth grade (Sydney Johnson)

6.4 Approve Recommendation for Resignation. Please accept the following resignations:

                  Kaitlin Allen as Co-Head Volleyball Coach, effective 2021-2022 school year

                  Courtney Ridnour as paraprofessional, effective February 5, 2021


7. Recognition and Reports

The President will call for recognition and reports as identified on the agenda.

7.1 Financial Reports

                        Mr. Pedersen will give his report.

                        Lunch Report

            7.2 Superintendent

                        Mrs. Bergman will give her report.

            7.3 Board Correspondence


8. New Business

8.1 Consider Approving Authorization to Submit a Request to the SBRC in amount of $45,712.70 for Administration Cost for the Clarinda Academy for 2021-2022

School Year


This amount helps to cover the cost of administration work completed by CCSD administrators for Clarinda Academy for state reporting.


Approve authorization to submit a request to the SBRC in amount of $45,712.70 for administration cost for the Clarinda Academy for 2021-2022 school year.


8.2 Consider Approving the Second and Final Reading of the 500 Series of Policy


The policy committee and various staff members have reviewed the 500 series and recommend the approval of edits on some policies and maintaining the rest. The edits are marked in the attached policies.

501.1 Resident Students

501.2 Nonresident Students

501.3 Compulsory Attendance

501.3R1 Attendance Cooperation Process

501.4 Entrance – Admissions

501.5 Attendance Center Assignment

501.6 Student Transfers In

501.7 Student Transfers Out or Withdrawals

501.8 Student Attendance Records

501.9 Student Absences – Excused

501.9E1 Request for Remote Learning Form

501.10 Truancy – Unexcused Absences

501.11 Student Release During School Hours

501.11E1 Junior-Senior Open/Off Campus Rules

501.12 Pregnant Students

501.13 Students of Legal Age

501.14 Open Enrollment Transfers – Procedures as a Sending District

501.15 Homeless Children and Youth

502.1 Student Appearance

502.2 Care of School Property/Vandalism

502.3 Student Expression

502.4 Student Complaints and Grievances

502.5 Student Lockers

502.6 Weapons

502.7 Smoking – Drinking – Drugs

502.8 Search and Seizure

502.8R1 Search and Seizure Regulation

502.8E1 Search and Seizure Checklist

502.8R3 Use of Dogs to Search School Property

502.9 Interviews of Students by Outside Agencies

502.10 Use of Motor Vehicles

502.11 Use of Video Cameras on School Property

503.1 Student Conduct

503.1R1 Student Suspension

503.2 Expulsion

503.3 Fines – Fees – Charges

503.3R1 Student Fee Waiver and Reduction Procedures

503.3E1 Standard Fee Waiver Application

503.4 Good Conduct Policy

503.4E1 Good Conduct Policy

503.5 Corporal Punishment

504.1 Student Government

504.2 Student Organizations

504.3 Student Publications

504.3R1 Student Publications Code

504.4 Student Performances

504.5 Student Fundraising

504.6 Student Activity Program

505.1 Student Progress Reports and Conferences

505.2 Student Promotion – Retention – Acceleration

505.3 Student Honors and Awards

505.4 Testing Program

505.5 Graduation Requirements

505.6 Early Graduation

505.7 Commencement

505.8 Parent and Family Engagement

506.1 Education Records Access

506.1R1 Use of Education Records Regulation

506.1E1 Request of Nonparent for Examination or Copies of Education Records

506.1E2 Authorization for Release of Education Records

506.1E3 Request for Hearing on Correction of Education Records

506.1E4 Request for Examination of Education Records

506.1E5 Notification of Transfer of Education Records

506.1E6 Letter to Parent Regarding Receipt of a Subpoena

506.1E7 Juvenile Justice Agency Information Sharing Agreement

506.1E8 Annual Notice

506.2 Student Directory Information

506.2R1 Use of Directory Information

506.2E1 Authorization for Releasing Student Directory Information

506.3 Student Photographs

506.4 Student Library Circulating Records

507.1 Student Health and Immunization Certificates

507.2  Administration of Medication to Students

507.2E1 Authorization Asthma or Airway Constructing Medication Self-Administration Consent Form

507.2E2 Parental Authorization and Release Form for the Administration of Prescription Medication to Students

507.3 Communicable Diseases – Students

507.4 Student Illness or Injury at School

507.5 Emergency Plans and Drills

507.6 Student Insurance

507.7 Custody and Parental Rights

507.8 Student Special Health Services

507.8R1 Special Health Services Regulation

507.9 Wellness Policy

508.1 Class or Student Group Gifts

508.2 Open Night


Approve the second and final reading of the 500 Series of Policy.


            8.3 Consider Approving IASB Policy Primer


            Recently, the State Board of Education approved changes proposed by the Department of Education to administrative rules related to physical restraint and seclusion of
281 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 103 has been substantially changed and the language of this chapter has been rewritten in its entirety. These changes take
January 20, 2021. IASB recommends the addition of new policy.  The policy committee has reviewed and recommends 503.6, 503.6R1, 503.6E1, 503.6E2, and 

503.6 Physical Restraint and Seclusion of Students

            503.6R1 Physical Restraint and Seclusion of Students Regulation

            503.6E1 Use of Physical Restraint and/or Seclusion Documentation Form

            503.6E2 Debriefing Letter to Guardian of Student Involved in an Occurrence Where Physical Restraint and/or Seclusion was Used

            503.6E3 Debriefing Meeting Document


            Approve the first reading of the policy primers, 503.6, 503.6R1, 503.6E1, 503.6E2, and 503.6E3.


8.4 Consider Approving a Bus Bid from School Bus Sales Co. for $105,274 for a 2022 Blue Bird Bus


            This bus is a 65 passenger diesel bus that will be used as a route bus. A 2005 spare route bus will be traded-in. This was the only bid that was received.



            Approve the bus bid from School Bus Sales Co. for $105,274 for a 2022 65 passenger Blue Bird bus.


8.5 Consider Approving OPN Architects Contract


            OPN Architects is the proposed architect firm to help the district move forward with the student programming and remodeling of the 1180 South 16th building.



            Approve OPN Architects contract for $100,000, subject to legal counsel.


8.6 Consider Approving Story Construction as the Construction Manger


            After interviewing three companies for a construction manager, the facilities team is recommending Story Construction in Ames.



            Approve Story Construction as the construction manager subject to legal counsel.


            8.7 Consider Approving Purchasing Four New Ovens for the Kitchens


            Due to the circumstances of the year, the Food Service department is operating on a high balance. Given the nutrition fund is an enterprise fund, it is not intended to carry a
balance of more than three months operating cost. The fund is currently sitting around that if not higher at month end and Joyce has projected us to be about four times our
 monthly operating cost by year end. We are encouraged to put this money back into the program; Joyce and Traci would like to update some of the kitchen equipment. They
created a priority list with new ovens being priority number one at both kitchens. 



            Approve purchasing four new ovens for the food service kitchens from Douglas Equipment for $32,007.92.


8.8 Consider Approving Estimate Invoice from JMC for Student Data Program


            JMC is the district’s student data program. The contract is renewed each year based on the number of students enrolled on the 45th day of school. This quote is an estimate
on the number of students currently enrolled; this enrollment number more than likely will change.



            Approve JMC estimate for district student data program for 2021-2022 school year.


            8.9 Consider Approving Greenhills AEA Contract for ERate Services


                  David Fringer of Greenhills AEA assists school districts on receiving ERate funding. Mr. Fringer will meet with district staff to determine district needs, keep the district
apprised of new ERate rules and funding, and submit ERate district forms.



                  Approve Greenhills AEA contract for ERate services.


8.10 Consider going into closed session to discuss the purchase or sale of a particular real estate, but only when premature disclosure could be reasonably expected
increase the price the board would have to pay for the property or in case of a sale reduce the price the board could receive for the property per Iowa Code


                  Under Iowa Code, Chapter 21.5, the reason for holding a closed session must be announced and entered in the minutes. A roll call vote must be taken, and the minutes
must show how each member voted on closing the session.


                  A board member moved that it holds a closed session to discuss the purchase or sale of a particular real estate, but only when premature disclosure could be reasonably
expected to increase the price the board would have to pay for the property or in case of a sale reduce the price the board could receive for the property per Iowa Code


8.11 Consider any necessary action as a result of the closed session


9. Meeting Announcements:

Please note the schedule of meetings.

            9.1 Our next regular meeting is on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. in the Boardroom at McKinley and via Zoom.  


10. Adjournment

 The President will call for a motion and a second to adjourn the meeting.