2020.08.26 - Regular Meeting

Clarinda Community School District

Regular Meeting

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 4:00 PM

McKinley Central Office for Board Members and Zoom for Public (Link found on district website under Menu - District Office - Zoom Link)

1. Call to Order
The President will call the meeting to order using the gavel if necessary.  The President will request those with communication devices to either turn them off or place them on silent mode.  This may be a good time to introduce any special guests.

1. A binder labeled Public Copy of Board Materials and containing board meeting materials is available for public review at the table at the side of the room.

2. A sign-in sheet is located at the table at the side of the room. All guests are asked to sign it to show attendance.

3. Meeting agendas are available for the public at the table at the side of the room.

4. Meeting agendas, materials, and minutes are also available on the district web page.

2. Pledge of Allegiance
The Chair will ask the members and audience to face the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.
3. Roll Call
The President will ask for roll call.
4. Audience to Visitors
The president will ask the audience if they have any comments on the items on the agenda.  This gives the public the opportunity to comment on agenda items prior to Board decisions/action.  Each community member wanting to comment to the board will be granted two minutes to speak. Please prepared to give your name and address. The Board will listen to public comment and in accordance with district policy 213 and direct questions to the superintendent or the appropriate staff.
5. Approval of Agenda
If members have items to be added to the agenda, now is the time.  If you have items that you want removed from the agenda, or removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion, make the request at this time.  The President will call for a motion and second to approve the agenda.
6. Consider Consent Agenda Items
The President will ask for a motion to accept the Consent Agenda as presented or amended. With a motion and a second, the President will call for the vote.
6. 1. Approve Minutes of the August 12, 2020 Regular Meeting
Please contact Mrs. McKinnon if you have any questions.
   August 12 Regular Meeting  
6. 2. Approve Minutes of the August 18, 2020 Work Session
Please contact Mrs. McKinnon if you have any questions.
   August 18 Work Session  
6. 3. Approve open enrollment requests for 2020-2021 School Year
In accordance with Iowa Code, administration recommends approving the open enrollment requests. These requests are for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Open Enrollment into the district 2020-2021: 7 from South Page, Kindergarten (Mason Olson); second grade (Regan McPhee); eighth grade (Gavin McPhee); second grade (Kylie Childs); third grade (Justin Childs); fifth grade (Natalie Childs); Kindergarten (Caroline Parrott); 2 from Bedford, eleventh grade (Paige Daly); eighth grade (Kaedance Daly)

Open Enrollment out of the district 2020-2021: 3 to CAM, Kindergarten (Jack Samuelson); first grade (Emma Hill); Kindergarten (Abbie Hill); 1 to Essex, Kindergarten (Eden Patton); 2 to Clayton Ridge, seventh grade (Kambry Gordon); ninth grade (Tucker Gordon); 2 to Stanton, Kindergarten (Emmet Gibson); second grade (Roger Gibson III); 2 to Bedford, first grade (Jayden Green); Kindergarten (Crosby Crawford)

6. 4. Approve Resignation for the 2020-2021 school year
Please accept the following resignations for the 2020-2021 school year:
Jason Armstrong, Assistant Middle School Football Coach
7. Recognition & Reports
The President will call for recognition and reports as identified on the agenda.  
7. 1. Financial Reports
The financial reports are attached for your review.  Please contact Mr. Pedersen prior to the meeting with any questions.
7. 2. Superintendent
Mrs. Bergman will give her report.
7. 3. Board Correspondence  
8. New Business  
8. 1. Consider Approving the 2020-2021 Classified Staff Handbook
The classified staff handbook has been reviewed.  

Approve the 2020-2021 Classified Staff Handbook

   Handbook Classified  
8. 2. Consider Approving the 2020-2021 Licensed Staff Handbook
The licensed staff handbook has been reviewed.  

Approve the 2020-2021 licensed staff handbook

   Handbook Licensed  
8. 3. Consider Approving 2020-2021 Activities Budgets
The school board annually approves the activities budgets for the school year.  Mr. Pedersen has met with the activities director to review and discuss the proposed budget.  Administration recommends approval.
Approve the 2020-2021 Activities Budgets.
   FY 20 Activities Budget  
8. 4. Consider Approving the Purchase of CatchLIFE 30
CATCHLIFE30 will help build a solid foundation of wellness habits while promoting a positive culture of support. In addition, it will provide staff with self-care tools to help manage stressors and refuel energy for work, family, and leisure pursuits.  CATCHLIFE30 features daily health check-ins that can be completed in five minutes or less and doesn't require a fitness tracker. The five areas of focus include hydration, physical activity, nutrition, social-emotional health, and sleep. The cost is $10 per person.

Approve the purchase of CatchLIFE 30 for all staff using self-funding money and general fund.

   CatchLife30 Challenge Flyer  
8. 5. Consider Approving SolarWinds Quote
The technology department will use this remote management program to login to staff and students' computers remotely to work on minor issues.  This will decrease travel time, help physical distance, and increase efficiency.  This package also includes an anti-virus program to assist in computer safety from outside viruses.

Approve purchasing SolarWinds anti-virus program.

   Solar Winds  
8. 6. Consider Approving Donations to CCSD
The following donations have been given to CCSD: $1000 from The Charles Hockenberry Foundation for school nurse assistance, 72 sneeze guards from Iowa State University totaling $108; 500 reusable athletic/activity cotton face masks from anonymous donor totaling $331.59.

Approve the donations for $1000 from Hockenberry Foundation for school nurse fund, $108 for sneeze guards from Iowa State University; $331.59 for 500 reusable athletic/activity cotton face masks from anonymous donor.

8. 7. Consider Approving Activity/Sporting Events COVID Guidelines
The guidelines are to assist physical distancing and wearing facial coverings for activity and sporting events in the district.

Approve activity and sporting events COVID guidelines

   Hosting Events #1  
   Hosting Events #4  
9. Meeting Announcements:
Please note the schedule of meetings.
9. 1. The next regular meetings are September 9, 2020 and September 23, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. in the Board Room at McKinley and via Zoom.