2020.10.19 - Work Session

2020.10.19 - Work Session

Clarinda Community School District Work Session

Monday, October 19, 2020 at 5:00 PM

McKinley Central Office and Zoom




  1. Call to Order

The President will call the meeting to order using the gavel if necessary. The President will request those with communication devices to either turn them off or place them on silent mode. This may be a good time to introduce any special guests.


    1. A binder labeled Public Copy of Board Materials and containing board meeting materials is available for public review at the table at the side of the room.


    1. A sign-in sheet is located at the table at the side of the room. All guests are asked to sign it to show attendance.


    1. Meeting agendas are available for the public at the table at the side of the room.


    1. Meeting agendas, materials, and minutes are also available on the district web page.


  1. Pledge of Allegiance

The President will ask the members and audience to face the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.


  1. Roll Call

The President will ask for roll call.


  1. Community Tennis Courts

Discussion concerning the repairs/updates of the community tennis courts.


  1. Student Outcomes

Discussion of where our students are today and in the future.


  1. Branding

Discussion about a district visual and naming of building(s).


  1. Instructional Programming

Discussion of possible authentic coursework/experiences.


  1. Communications Team

Discussion and sharing ideas for district communications.


  1. Internships

Discussion on possible community student internships.


  1. Work Opportunities

Sharing of job opportunities with a local industry.


  1. Registered Apprenticeships

Discussion of registered student apprenticeships through the Department of Labor.


  1. Facilities

Sharing of current and possible authentic opportunities at CCSD facilities as well as necessary updates, repairs and services.


  1. Facility Parking Lot

Discussion focused on 1180 S. 16th Street.


  1. Professional Learning

Looking at current professional learning and opportunities for future learning.


  1. Senior Experience

Discussion on senior-identified learning/experiences desired prior to graduation.


  1. Funding

Discussion on current and future funding sources for instructional programming, equipment, furniture and facilities.


  1. Human Resources

Discussion focused on personnel needed to support CCSD goals.


  1. Focused Time

Discussion of dedicated time for superintendent, staff and outside entities to move the work forward.


  1. Audit

Discussion on the current, requested State of Iowa audit.


  1. Policy Next Steps

Discussion on how policies will be reviewed.


  1. Other


  1. Adjournment

The President will call for a motion and a second to adjourn the meeting.

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