2020.09.09 - Regular Meeting

2020.09.09 - Regular Meeting

Clarinda Community School District

Regular Meeting

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 4:00 PM

McKinley Central Office and Zoom


1. Call to Order

The President will call the meeting to order using the gavel if necessary.  The President will request those with communication devices to either turn them off or place them on silent mode.  This may be a good time to introduce any special guests.

1. A binder labeled Public Copy of Board Materials and containing board meeting materials is available for public review at the table at the side of the room.

2. A sign-in sheet is located at the table at the side of the room. All guests are asked to sign it to show attendance.  If you are joining by Zoom, all guests should identify themselves with fist and last names.

3. Meeting agendas are available for the public at the table at the side of the room.

4. Meeting agendas, materials, and minutes are also available on the district web page.


2. Pledge of Allegiance

The President will ask the members and audience to face the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.


3. Roll Call

The President will ask for roll call.


4. Audience to Visitors

The President will ask the audience if they have any comments on the items on the agenda. This gives the public the opportunity to comment on agenda items prior to Board decisions/actions. Each community member wanting to comment to the board will be granted two minutes to speak. Please be prepared to give your name and address. The Board will listen to public comment and in accordance with district policy 213 and direct questions to the superintendent or the appropriate staff.


5. Approval of Agenda

If members have items to be added to the agenda, now is the time. If you have items that you want removed from the agenda, or removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion, make the request at this time. The President will call for a motion and second to approve the agenda.


6. Consider Consent Agenda Items

The President will ask for a motion to accept the Consent Agenda as presented or amended. With a motion and a second, the President will call for the vote.

            6.1 Approve Minutes of the August 26, 2020 Regular Meeting.

            6.2 Approve the Bills

                        The bill listing is attached for your review and approval. The reports (general

fund, hot lunch, etc.) is included in the bill listing.

            6.3 Approve Open Enrollment Requests for 2020-2021 School Year

                        In accordance with Iowa Code, administration recommends approving the open

Enrollment requests. These requests are for the 2020-2021 school year.


Open Enrollment into the district 2020-2021: 1 from Shenandoah, ninth grade

(Brooklyn Pickens); 1 from Bedford, Kindergarten (Sutton Humphrey); 1 from

South Page, first grade (Logan Achterberg)


Open Enrollment out of the district 2020-2021: 3 to Bedford, Kindergarten (Nolan

Saurborn), Kindergarten (Kameron Larabee), second grade (Ruger Fister)

            6.4 Approve Recommendation to Hire for 2020-2021 School Year

                        Administration is requesting to hire for the 2020-2021 school year. Please accept

the following recommendation for hire to meet district staffing needs:

                        Curtis Maassen, Assistant Middle School Football Coach

            6.5 Approve Resignations for the 2020-2021 School Year

                        Please accept the following resignations for the 2020-2021 School year:

                        Will Bauman, Middle School Basketball Coach

                        Danni Samuelson, High School Associate and Cheer Coach


7. Recognition and Reports

The President will call for recognition and reports as identified on the agenda.

            7.1 Principal Report – 7th-12th Grade Building

                        Mrs. Green will give her report.

            7.2 Financial Reports

                        Mr. Pedersen will give his report.

            7.3 Superintendent

                        Mrs. Bergman will give her report.

            7.4 Board Correspondence


8. New Business

            8.1 Consider Approving the Home School Assistance Teacher Contracts for 2020-2021


            There are 24 enrolled in Competent Private Instruction (CPI) and 37 enrolled in the

Independent Private Instruction (IPI). Students who are enrolled under CPI provide us

with the curriculum they are taught and are eligible for dual enrollment. Students who

completed the IPI forms do not have to report any academic progress and are not eligible

for any services in the school. Of the 24 CPI students, 13 are eligible for dual enrollment.

Dual enrollment allows them to attend classes, participate in field trips, use the library,

and participate in school activities. These students generate revenue depending on their

grade and the extent they participate in CCSD classes and activities.


Nineteen of the 24 students are interested in participating in the Home School Assistance (HSA) program. The HSA program provides a teacher who oversees their academic work (15 hours per quarter per student). In exchange for that oversight, the district receives some funding to pay a certified teacher to provide the services. When the enrollment count is complete, you will see partial numbers, which indicates the weighting CCSD gets for students who are not full-time.


Mrs. Davies is a certified teacher who at one time worked as a special education teacher in our district. As in the past, we have had an agreement with Mrs. Davies to serve as our HSA teacher for those students who would like her assistance. By having her serve as the HSA teacher, she receives $15 per hour per student for up to 60 hours per student each year. Parents of the students in the program are asked to sign a time sheet that verifies Mrs. Davies has actually provided services for those students at the end of each quarter. Mrs. Davies will meet with Mr. Pedersen and Mrs. Wellhausen quarterly to verify student progress and accurate invoicing.


Approve contracts with Lexy Davies to serve as the Home School Assistance teacher for the 2020-2021 school year.


            8.2 Consider Approving the Cooperative Agreement with University of Northern Iowa


This agreement allows University of Northern Iowa students to student teacher in the CCSD district. This could include other educational experiences such as observations, practicums, etc.


            Approve the Cooperative Agreement with University of Northern Iowa


            8.3 Consider Approving the Selection of Mrs. Bergman to the 2020-2021 Leadership

      Iowa Class


Leadership Iowa is Iowa’s premier issues-awareness program promoting leadership and civic responsibility in our state. Through an integrated series of eight monthly sessions, participants are provided with a wide range of eye-opening experiences and insights that highlight the opportunities and challenges facing Iowa. Each year, 40 individuals are selected to participate in Leadership Iowa. Throughout their year with the program (October through June), participants convene in an Iowa community each month for a two-day session. Each session focuses on a specific topic or issue important to Iowa, allowing participants to step outside of their areas of expertise and gain a refreshed, insider’s perspective on the condition, needs and future of our state. The diverse topics of Leadership Iowa session typically include: agriculture, education, government, healthcare, economic development, advances manufacturing, workforce and other pertinent subjects. Each session features unique interactive experiences, discussions with industry experts, collaborative group activities, industry tours, networking opportunities and more.



Approve the selection of Mrs. Bergman to the 2020-2021 Leadership Iowa class


8.4 Consider Approving the Mask Donations


The district has received donations of masks from Grace Crosby and Anchor Homes.


            Approve the donations of masks to the district.


            8.5 Consider Approving the Application for COVID-19 CARES Act Relief Grant


            The grant would cover four areas: Staff Self Care (have Yoga classes and an instructor),

Student Empowerment and Culture (provide 7/8th graders with Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits

of Highly Effective Teenagers to go along with the LeaderInMe program), E-

Learning (purchase additional Swivls, stands and iPads for classrooms), and Student

Support/Self Care (seating, lighting and decorative accents for the 7/8th grade Take a

Break Room). The amount CCSD is asking for is $11,005. An addendum will be shared

Wednesday, September 9, 2020.


            Approve the application for COVID-19 CARES Act Relief Grant and addendum


8.6 Consider Approving Paying $26,304 to 3D Construction, Inc. for replacing the cement slab at Garfield Elementary


During the roof replacement at Garfield Elementary, the equipment damaged the cement slab on the south side of Garfield. In order for the slab to be usable and safe, it was decided to replace the entire slab.


Approve paying $26,304 for the cement slab at Garfield Elementary


9. Meeting Announcements:

Please note the schedule of meetings.

            9.1 Our next regular meetings are on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 and October 7,

            2020 at 4:00 p.m. in the Board Room at McKinley and via Zoom.


            9.2 Iowa Association of Schools Boards 75th Annual Convention, November 17-19, 2020

            This year the convention will be held online. Please contact Mrs. McKinnon by

September 27 if you plan on attending.


10. Adjournment

The President will call for a motion and a second to adjourn the meeting.


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